Color Chart

Throughout the cleanse you will notice color changes in the water as toxins are being removed.  The water color ranges from yellow-green, orange, brown, black, to dark green; you may notice white foam or white cheese-like particles floating on the water's surface, and/or black or red flecks resting at the bottom of the foot basin.

The color and texture indicates which organs or body systems are releasing toxins.  The particles, fat and mucous residues found in the water reflect the wastes that have left your body.

                           liver and gallbladder
                       Black Flecks
                           heavy metals
                          liver, tobacco, cellular debris
                       Red Flecks
                           cellular debris, blood clot material
                           bladder, urinary tract, female/prostate area
                           candidas, fungal infections
                       Oil Floating

Your body will undergo an amazing cleanse of yearsí worth of stored toxins.
You will be rejuvenated with a new refreshing energy, as your body is detoxified and able to function at its fullest capacity once again!

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Ionic Body Cleanse
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I experience deeper breathing, felt calmer, less stressed (this surprised me the most), not as bloated, more energy.  I would recommend it!. - Lesa G.

My experience with the Ionic Foot Bath has been excellent. My digestive system has been so much better.  I feel so much better, have lots of energy.  I am able to burp better.  After the session, I have not craved my medication like I normally would.  Itís excellent, and my health has been so much better.  - Irene F.